Krystal Hubbard

Baby Noah

I wanted Krystal Hubbard to be on this site with me for multiple reasons. Besides being the Mother of a baby who was diagnosed with cancer. Krystal has also worked to raise awareness and help others.

Childhood cancer is not rare. Noah was diagnosed as a baby and our daughter was diagnosed at 13 years old. So not only is it not rare. It also has no age limit. The team pages are named after our children because all this is about them. They are the motivation and inspiration behind everything we do.

Below is a picture of Noah and his story written by his amazing Mother Krystal Hubbard.

krystal hubbard

Bilateral Wilm's Tumor. Ever heard of it? Because I never had. That was until Feb. 9th 2015. See that's the day my son Noah was diagnosed. He was just shy of 9 months old. 38 weeks to be exact. Kidney cancer. A tumor the size of a softball had grown in my sons kidney. And the tumor wasn't there just 8 weeks before that. We know this because Noah had surgery at that time.

Noah had no symptoms. We only found it because his father noticed his belly was big at his follow up visit to his Dr from the surgery. That Dr. sent us right to the emergency room for an ultrasound.

Feb 11th 2015 my 8 month old happy little boy with blue eyes and red hair had surgery to put a port in his chest. The port that would allow poison to enter his body to save his life. A medicine that cancer kids have been getting since the 1970's. His chemo schedule and medicine was the same as many other kids.

In fact cancer kids who are now in their 30's had the same exact regimen an Noah. He had his first round of chemo on Feb 11. Noah did 6 weeks of 3 different chemo's and then we did scans.

See the hope with doing chemo first was that the tumor on his right kidney would get smaller and the one on his left would be gone. But neither of those happened. We made the decision to remove his right kidney and save as much of his left as we could. His surgery went great and they where able to save a majority of his left kidney. His right kidney was lost to a tumor the size of an eggplant.

Chemo is no joke. In fact it is downright nasty. Noah did 6 months of chemo after his surgery. Noah would get so sick. He was still drinking formula and luckily he would drink bottles, but when it came to food he really could care less. He would get sick all over and look at us and smile. We would cry everyday and he would look at us like " hey why are you guys so sad?". I am so grateful that he will not remember how sick he was. Or the pain.

Noah has been in the hospital many times since his first diagnosis. He had to have emergency surgery In August 2015. We where out eating on day and he was fine. Then all of a sudden he started throwing up. After a few hours of vomiting we called oncology mostly scared of dehydration. They did a direct admit with him.

Noah ended up in the PICU of our hospital and on the 5th day of him being very very ill they discovered a bowel obstruction. He went in that night for a 3 hour surgery. Because of all this Noah stopped walking and had to re learn how to do it.Then 2 weeks after that he had a fever which landed him back into the hospital. At on point his fever was up to 107. They ran all sorts of test. Everything came back normal. We never found a reason for the fevers.

Did I mention that Noah is an amazing little brother to 2 big brothers and a big sister. His sister is 18 and his brothers are 11 and 9. When people hear a child has cancer they feel so bad for the parents and child. They often forget the siblings. They are all very much affected by Noah's diagnosis. They all are dealing with it in their own ways. I think the hardest thing I ever have had to do is tell those kids that there baby brother had cancer. We where very honest with them. We wanted them to hear things from us.

As of Sept 2015 Noah is NED (no evidence of disease) This means that as of those scans he had no cancer. Because he had a tumor they do not say remission or cancer free. We go to clinic once a month. He also has a nephrologist to make sure his kidney is functioning right that he sees monthly and a cardiologist he sees every 3 months.

Treatment never truly ends just because the cancer is gone for the moment. Noah will be followed for the rest of his life. Know why? Because that chemo he needed has life long side effects. He takes blood pressure medicine daily because his bp is that of a grown adult. He has blood and protein in his urine. We hope this is from his recent obstruction and not a sign that his kidney might fail.

Noah is my reason to make sure that everyone is aware that childhood cancer is real. And it is not pretty. Right now Noah's story is that of success. But I know of to many stories where battles where won when wings where given. No child should die from cancer. Ever.