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zach gowen

Zach Gowen is a childhood cancer survivor.
His story is one of inspiration and defying the odds.



Motivation is key in overcoming any obstacle in life.
It's a game changer when battling childhood cancer.

Speaking Engagements. (Zach Gowen)

Zach Gowen is a survivor. After losing his left leg to cancer at age 8, he went on to become the first 1 legged professional wrestler in history.
At 19 years old, he signed a 3 year contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment and was featured prominently on their television program Smackdown! being involved in on air story lines with cultural icons Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon. Zach became an instant inspiration to millions worldwide proving that nothing is impossible.
Zach Gowen has faced numerous obstacles in his life and overcame them all.
Zach is currently accepting bookings for speaking engagements.
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Speaking Engagements. ( JD )

I want to share our daughters story with as many people as possible. Her story is one of inspiration and motivation.
She left us with a blueprint to assist other young warriors in battling childhood cancer.
Stephaine took on cancer. She didn't let it define her or stop her from doing everything she enjoyed.
She embraced everyday, went to battle with a smile and filled our home with love and laughter.
I'm available to speak with groups or one on one. Just click on the link below to contact me.