The Team

AMOL Board Of Directors

Meet the team behind teamwork making the dreamwork. A Mission Of Love was founded in December 2014 by my daughter and I. She was inspired to help others during her battle after receiving a letter from Anthony Melchiorri

The team is a work in progress. It's built with friends, family and those who have felt the impact of childhood cancer. Since we became an official 501(c)3 charity we have added and subtracted members from the team. We expect our board members to act in the best interest of our charity at all times.

That includes helping us support childhood cancer patients, the families of these young warriors and assisting us in reaching our goals. These goals are to assist with the live event fundraisers to help childhood cancer families financially. These fundraisers are Comedy 4 Cancer and Concerts 4 Hope. Besides raising money for childhood cancer families with these events. We're also putting the resources towards our monthly gifts known as the Best Day Award and donating to pediatric cancer research.

Below is the team that helps make this all possible.

JD Marshall

The Team

CEO and co founder with his daughter Stephaine

Valerie Marshall

The Team

Valerie Marshall Treasurer pictured with Stephaine

Terrance Gerin

Terrance Gerin

Board member Terrance Gerin and professional wrestling superstar (Rhyno)

Sara Gochanour

The Team

President Sara Gochanour. Pictured with her son Noah.

Anthony Melchiorri

The Team

Board Member Anthony Melchiorri. The inspiration behind starting our charity

Rachel Mazur

the team

Board Member Rachel Mazur.

Ross Kosturko & Jenna Basaj

The Team

Vice President Ross Kosturko and Secretary Jenna Basaj.

Larry Basaj

The Team

Board Member Larry Basaj and Auburn Hills Firefighter