The Team


A Battle Like This Should Not Be Fought Alone.

When our daughter was first diagnosed with cancer I felt helpless. But the truth is there is a lot you can do to help.
I set out to make sure each and everyday was filled with love and laughter.
Along the way our family, friends and a couple of celebrities joined the team.

Battling childhood cancer takes hope, strength and courage. You also need motivation and inspiration.
The care team will handle the medical part of the fight. The family and friends provide the motivation and inspiration.
Don't let cancer change who you are or who your child is.
Keep doing all the things you enjoy doing together. Create events and outings to keep each other motivated during the battle.
Encourage friends and family to visit and to be a part of this journey as much as possible.

Feel free to contact us for help in ideas to motivate your warrior.
Also feel free to reach out to us and offer us a spot on your team.
Not only will I bring your child our gear. I will do what I can to help with one of their dreams.

My wife and I worked together to make our daughters biggest dream come true.
It was one of the greatest feelings we have ever had.
Seeing the look on her face when it happened is something I will never forget.
Anything we can do to help another persons dream come true would be an honor for us.

Below you can read about our daughters team.