2015 Best Day Award Recipients

May : In memory of Cindi Hensley.


June : Royal Oak Beaumont Child Life Team. The Child Life team goes around the pediatric unit visiting children and trying to make their day a little better. What they do is what this award is all about. I figured we could help them out with their daily mission by providing 100.00 in Best Buy gift cards.

Plus we also donated a WII game console and 26 games. Most people don't know this. Instead of selling games and DVD's for next to nothing. You can instead donate them to the hospital.


July 8th : Family Movie Night in Memory of Stephaine K Marshall. I decided to host this event and make it a yearly tradition. This would have been our daughters 14th birthday. I wanted to do something that would make other kids happy and honor Stephaine at the same time.

We showed one of her favorite movies Despicable Me 2, which of course she loved because of the minions. We provided snacks for the children in the hospital and their loved ones. Stephaine and I have been known to crush a few cakes.

So of course we had to have cake or something close to it. So we provided minion themed cupcakes. The last part of this gift was 30 minion themed gift bags. These were given out to patients only. This was our biggest gift to date and it was well worth it !


August : This one was presented early. His smile and love for minions touched my heart. So I wanted to send him to see the new movie without waiting until August.


September : This one was very special on so many levels. Noah is an inspiration to many kids fighting this battle. This was the first time we surprised a child with an in store gift.

His Best Day got better when Best Buy decided to get in on the gifts. Brian Medlock gave Noah 2 DVD's and a video game on behalf of Best Buy. We preach teamwork makes the dream work all over this site. Today Best Buy became part of our team and made the day even better for Noah.

Noah and his Mother Sara also teamed up to support another child in the hospital prior to us meeting them. I'm proud to have met this outstanding young man and his wonderful Mother.


October : This award was given to a beautiful little girl name Tessa. Getting to spend time talking with her Mom Karen, meeting Tessa and the rest of her family was a gift for myself. This months gift also proved that teamwork does make the dream work. It was the mother of another child battling cancer who nominated Tessa for this months gift. Thank you Krystal Hubbard for introducing me to these wonderful people.  award

November : I have had the pleasure of meeting some tremendous people while doing these gifts. One of them is Krystal Hubbard. This is the second time she passed up on receiving this award and gift to nominate another child. Pictured is this months best day award / gift recipient Alyssa, her mother Terri and I. It was my privilege to meet this wonderful young lady and her family.


December : It's tough enough dealing with a child battling cancer. The journey is filled with anxiety and a lot of emotional stress. Besides that there is also financial stress.

In September we presented Noah with our gift back then, with help from Brian and Best Buy. I picked him for September because I was inspired by his story that he had beaten cancer. Unfortunately Noah is battling cancer for a second time. This time it's more serious, the treatments are more aggressive and the hospital stays are even longer.

Once again Brian, Best Buy and I teamed up to give Noah our award for December. We provided Christmas gifts for Noah and his brother Nate. Then topped that off with an evening spent at Dave an Busters. This was our biggest gift to date and the perfect way to end 2015 for our Best Day award. It gave my family, Noah, his brother and his Mom an evening to forget about life for awhile.

Noah and his family are always in my thoughts. Doing this for them was also a gift for myself. Just seeing the looks on their faces was priceless. Next year we will be doing more for all of them when we launch our live event fundraisers in April Comedy 4 Cancer . Hopefully you can join us for our debut event on April 16th 2016.

Thanks to this wonderful family for allowing us to do this for them. Also thanks to Brian who has become a good friend and thank you Best Buy. All of you prove what we say on here. Teamwork makes the dream work.