2017 Best Day Award Recipients.

January: We actually presented this gift in December to the family of a 2 year old girl named Leah. Her family was given the heartbreaking news that there was nothing else that could be done for her.

We raised $590.00 for the family with a 50/50 raffle at our Comedy 4 Cancer December 3rd show. Unfortunately a couple of days after Krystal delivered the money, Leah passed away. Out of respect to her family no picture will be posted.

February: This month was all the proof you need that childhood cancer is not rare. I had the pleasure of meeting Carolina a sweet 9 year old girl. She is battling the same cancer our daughter had and lives 10 minutes from our house. Her courage, the pain in her parents eyes made this the first time...

I almost cried presenting a gift to a child. I long for the day these children get the best gift. Better treatment options that produce better results.

best day

March: The gift for this month was sent to Cheyanna Vogeler who lost her 4 year old son Maverick because of cancer. Same as the last time we did a gift in memory of a child. There will be no picture of the child posted.

April: Sent this one for the second month in a row out to Texas for a brave young man named Damon Billeck. He is battling his 3rd re occurrence of osteosarcoma, went through multiple surgeries and a stay in ICU. His parents want to get him a new game system. Hopefully the check I sent gives them a good start in making that happen. I sent this gift during March as we will be busy in April with 2 live event fundraisers.

best day

May: We donated 100.00 to Treasa Sims on behalf of her brave young son who is battling Leukemia. We're also going to help them out with our next Comedy 4 Cancer show on September 30th.

May 2017

June: I wanted to start sharing the good feeling of giving out this gift with members of our board of directors. Sara Gochanour selected this precious little girl to receive this months gift. Thanks to her Mom Elizabeth for the honor of allowing us to provide her with a check for 100.00. Hope you give Panda the best day possible with it.

Best day

July: On what would have been our daughters 16th birthday, we gave out this months gift. The gift went to a wonderful boy name Jonny. Even while facing his serious battle. He can still fine time to have fun and produce a smile that lit up his entire hospital room.

Best Day Award

August: This was long overdue. It was an honor to be able to provide this months gift to Dr Kate Gowans. She was there for us from the beginning to the end with our daughters battle with cancer. She went from being our Oncologist to one of our most cherished friends. Hope the tablet and gift cards help out many kids, while you continue the wonderful work you do.

September: We donated 200.00 each to the following childhood cancer charities. Ryan RocksAlex's Arcade and Love, Team Tessa. We presented them with the donations at our September 30th Comedy 4 Cancer show.

October: This is a 2 part gift. We donated to help get a fundraiser up and running in honor of Cassidy Christie. There will be a donation made at the event November 4th to be given to her father. They have started a scholarship in honor of this brave young girl who gained her angel wings.

best day

November: We donated $100.00 to Pete Christie for the scholarship fund he started to honor the memory of his daughter Cassidy.

Best Day

December: We expanded our Best Day gift to include Mom in on this one. It was my pleasure seeing Trista and her Mom again. I hope Trista enjoys her shopping trip to Toys R Us from us. Thanks to Shannon Kiefer for nominating Trista for this months gift. In return I wanted to dedicate this gift in memory of her daughter Lexi.

Best Day