2019 Best Day Award Recipients

January: The newest member of our board of directors Al Doss got to give out this gift. We gave a Best Buy gift card to a brave young man Noah Holloway. We're also holding our April 13th Comedy 4 Cancer show on his behalf.

Award Recipients 

February: I love this gift for multiple reasons. We presented Luke his gift one day before his 16th birthday and the day after he found out that he kicked cancers ass !


March: I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn and spending a great time talking with him when presenting the gift. Glenn has a very supportive family in his corner during his fight. However I recently received some upsetting news about his current condition. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


April: We provided the comedians and the printing to help out Izzy and Katie with a special Comedy 4 Cancer show on Saturday April 27th

May: How heartbreaking it is to see such a young child battling cancer. We're happy to at least make the day we met Josiah a little better.

June: I have known Noah for almost 4 years. All this time and before I met him he has been battling cancer. Recently he has been having a real tough time. I brought our spiritual leader Pete to say a prayer for him and also to give him our June gift.

July: They say childhood cancer is rare. How rare can it be when I have never met anyone with name Noah until Steph and I started all this. On July 21st I met a 4th child battling cancer with the name Noah. We presented him with this months gift. I was honored to have my friends at the Warren Police Department join in.

August: We sent our gift for this month out to Indiana. I was lucky to be scrolling Facebook and found this brave young girl Savannah. All of us hope you enjoy your gift card and the gas gift cards help your parents.

September: After hearing about a break in at our local Dave & Busters and the thief taking the "Make A Wish" money...

We decided to help and donate the September gift to start the donations rolling again.

October: We once again donated to the Cassidy Christie memorial show as we intend to do every year.

November: We surprised Jonny at the Apple store inside Somerset Mall with this months gift. Ross and Jenna two of our board members got to present their first gift. Jonny is an amazing kid who while battling cancer still finds time to help the "Children's Miracle Network"

December: We ended another year of gifts with the biggest gift go the year. It was such a pleasure to present Pryce with a bunch of gifts and give a present to each of his siblings. Our friends at the Warren Police Department got in on the gift. They gave Pryce and his family a tour of the station. After that they he sat in on roll call and he was presented with a Warren PD patch. Pictured with Pryce are 2 of our new board members Officer Thomas and Officer Klein.