5 Years Later.

Stephaine here we are 5 years later and we have accomplished so much in that time.

Comedy 4 Cancer has been a huge hit. While Covid 19 cut our 4th season short, it was still a success. The last 4 years we have helped many families financially with these events. The countless sold out shows and many hours of laughter has raised over 100K. I can proudly say we overachieved all of my expectations for this concept. Now it's time to take Comedy 4 Cancer to the next level.

Once this pandemic is over and it's safe for all guest to return, we will be scheduling shows again. Stay tuned for bigger shows, in new towns and inside iconic venues.

We're currently working on plans to re-launch our Concerts 4 Hope series. The new direction will be to book some of the top touring tribute artist and cover bands. Just like the comedy shows. Concerts 4 Hope will be live event fundraisers to assist childhood cancer families financially. With all live events we're looking for sponsors. If you're interested in sponsoring a show, please click here.

Stephaine was and will always be known as the founder of this website. She is also the inspiration behind us becoming a national non profit 501(c)3 charity. We have achieved Platinum status with Guide Star and their rating system. We're in the top 0.5% in the nation of registered charities. We couldn't do it alone. Steph always said "Teamwork makes the dream work". Thanks to our team and all of our supporters for making this possible.

Stephaine also inspired our "Best Day Award". The "Best Day Award" is a monthly gift we give out to a child battling cancer. When we started this, our goal was to give out 12 gifts a year. With all of our Christmas promotions we have given out over 300 gifts. That's simply amazing and I know Steph would be so proud of that. Unfortunately because of Covid 19, we had to suspend the Best Day Award for the remainder of 2020. We're using those funds to give directly to childhood cancer families to use for anything they need.

What's next ?

Hopefully we can take our fundraising to a level that we can start donating to independent research. Helping a family is a great feeling and it's needed. However, we also need better treatment options for the kids. We need more survivors and less Angels.

Speaking of Angels. It's hard not to think about Noah who we lost last July. He is forever 12 and his 13th Birthday in heaven is coming up soon. I truly miss Noah and I hope that he has found Stephaine in heaven. Noah was a special young warrior who still inspires all of us to keep moving forward.

So here we are 5 years later. Those 5 years have been filled with love, laughter and tears. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about Stephaine. I miss her, her mother misses her, her brother misses her and so do countless others.

I know 2015 with losing Steph was the worst year of my life. A close second place would be 2020. The way of our world right now is one thing. But losing 3 friends that totaled 75 years in friendship has been very painful.

Along the way I have gained new friends. I was able to meet some of the bravest kids that God ever created and proud to have been a small part of their lives. In 2015 Steph left this world. She did leave behind a legacy and brought a group of strangers together to make that happen.

We miss you sweetheart. Hope we made you proud.

I know you made me proud. Nobody could have lived, loved and laughed as much as you did in 13 years on this planet. You proved it's not the amount of years you lived. It's the living you do in the years you're given. Love you.

Sincerely Dad.