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A Mission Of Love gives out a gift each month The Best Day Award, to honor the memory of our daughter Stephaine K Marshall. The "Best Day Award" was inspired by the last conversation her and I ever had. The goal of this award is to make a day a little better for a child or family affected by cancer. It takes faith, hope, courage, motivation and inspiration in the fight against cancer. This journey is an emotional roller coaster that will present many obstacles to overcome along the way. With our daughter I made it a goal to keep each day filled with love and laughter to make the journey a little easier. I hope this gesture in memory of our daughter can do the same for other young warriors and their loved ones. Listed below our the Best Day award recipients.


2019 Best Day Award Recipients

January: The newest member of our board of directors Al Doss got to give out this gift. We gave a Best Buy gift card to a brave young man Noah Holloway. We're also holding our April 13th Comedy 4 Cancer show on his behalf.

Award Recipients 

February: I love this gift for multiple reasons. We presented Luke his gift one day before his 16th birthday and the day after he found out that he kicked cancers ass !


March: I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn and spending a great time talking with him when presenting the gift. Glenn has a very supportive family in his corner during his fight. However I recently received some upsetting news about his current condition. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


April: We provided the comedians and the printing to help out Izzy and Katie with a special Comedy 4 Cancer show on Saturday April 27th

May: How heartbreaking it is to see such a young child battling cancer. We're happy to at least make the day we met Josiah a little better.

June: I have known Noah for almost 4 years. All this time and before I met him he has been battling cancer. Recently he has been having a real tough time. I brought our spiritual leader Pete to say a prayer for him and also to give him our June gift.

July: They say childhood cancer is rare. How rare can it be when I have never met anyone with name Noah until Steph and I started all this. On July 21st I met a 4th child battling cancer with the name Noah. We presented him with this months gift. I was honored to have my friends at the Warren Police Department join in.

August: We sent our gift for this month out to Indiana. I was lucky to be scrolling Facebook and found this brave young girl Savannah. All of us hope you enjoy your gift card and the gas gift cards help your parents.

September: After hearing about a break in at our local Dave & Busters and the thief taking the "Make A Wish" money...

We decided to help and donate the September gift to start the donations rolling again.

October: We once again donated to the Cassidy Christie memorial show as we intend to do every year.

2018 Best Day Award Recipients.

January: We started off the year with one of our board members Krystal Hubbard presenting the first gift of 2018. We're honored that Sarah let us present her brave young daughter Ember with our Best Day Award / Gift.

best day award

February: We surprised a brave 16 year old hero named Makenzie. This one hit very close to my heart as she is the same age my daughter would have been. We're not stopping there as we will be doing a Comedy 4 Cancer show for her on April 28th.


March: What can be better than a sold out Comedy 4 Cancer show for a young lady named Tori...That's simple surprising her with an Amazon gift card at her own show.


April: During our April 6th Comedy 4 Cancer show in Caro Mi. We presented 100.00 to the family of Ian so they could take him out and give him a best day.


May: We got to incorporate one of my daughters favorite sayings for this gift "Teamwork makes the dream work". It was a pleasure meeting a brave warrior named Andrew and his family. It was even better when my friend James Craven the owner of Alex's Arcade teamed up with me to present Andrew with a couple of gifts.


June: We got a brand new tablet for this brave 6 year old named Tyler. This one hit a little close to home as he is battling the same brain tumor our daughter had. We're doing what we can to help this brave young warrior and his mother financially as well. If you would like to help they have started a GoFundMe page click here

best day

July: July is always special for me. This is the month my daughter was born and I like to do a little more for a child in July. It was awesome to meet a beautiful young warrior named Abby and take her to Build A Bear workshop. We also presented her with a Target gift card.

award award

August: I felt this month we should do a gift to help multiple kids. So we donated to the Braylonstrong foundation. From the family. Braylonstrong is a nonprofit pediatric brain tumor foundation that was founded in honor of our 13 yr old son Braylon that gained his wings after battling brain cancer (GBM) for 18 months. Mission: To be an impact through fundraising in Pediatric Brain Tumor research.


September : This month we donated merchandise and tickets from Comedy 4 Cancer to help out another childhood cancer charity raise money. We also donated to assist a family with funeral expenses for 14 year old Elizabeth Stec. On September 2nd Elizabeth took her life due to being bullied. We also plan on assisting her father with starting a foundation to raise awareness about kids being bullied and the effect it has on them. I know my daughter dealt with being picked on before I moved her to a new school. Hopefully Elizabeth death isn't for nothing. I hope it makes some of the kids that bullied her change and for the schools to be more proactive with this problem. If you would like to help out her family click here.


October: The gift for this month was one of the most fun we ever had in giving a gift out. We sent a brave young cancer warrior Torrin and 4 guest to XICW Pro Wrestling. Besides an evening of pro wrestling. Numerous wrestlers took pictures with Torrin and also gave him gifts as well.

best day

November: Thanks to Braylonstrong for helping us find our gift child for November. We got to meet Izzy and present her with tickets to the Enchanted Princess Ball. We met her at a Princess and  Superheroes party. She was actually the prettiest princess and biggest hero we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


December: We're closing out 2018 with giving out multiple gifts to end the year and celebrate Christmas. From giving gifts to many kids to making a donation of 60 gifts to Detroit Children's Hospital




2017 Best Day Award Recipients.

January: We actually presented this gift in December to the family of a 2 year old girl named Leah. Her family was given the heartbreaking news that there was nothing else that could be done for her. We raised $590.00 for the family with a 50/50 raffle at our Comedy 4 Cancer December 3rd show. Unfortunately a couple of days after Krystal delivered the money, Leah passed away. Out of respect to her family no picture will be posted.

February: This month was all the proof you need that childhood cancer is not rare. I had the pleasure of meeting Carolina a sweet 9 year old girl. She is battling the same cancer our daughter had and lives 10 minutes from our house. Her courage, the pain in her parents eyes made this the first time I almost cried presenting a gift to a child. I long for the day these children get the best gift. Better treatment options that produce better results.

best day

March: The gift for this month was sent to Cheyanna Vogeler who lost her 4 year old son Maverick because of cancer. Same as the last time we did a gift in memory of a child. There will be no picture of the child posted.

April: Sent this one for the second month in a row out to Texas for a brave young man named Damon Billeck. He is battling his 3rd re occurrence of osteosarcoma, went through multiple surgeries and a stay in ICU. His parents want to get him a new game system. Hopefully the check I sent gives them a good start in making that happen. I sent this gift during March as we will be busy in April with 2 live event fundraisers.

best day

May: We donated 100.00 to Treasa Sims on behalf of her brave young son who is battling Leukemia. We're also going to help them out with our next Comedy 4 Cancer show on September 30th.

May 2017

June: I wanted to start sharing the good feeling of giving out this gift with members of our board of directors. Sara Gochanour selected this precious little girl to receive this months gift. Thanks to her Mom Elizabeth for the honor of allowing us to provide her with a check for 100.00. Hope you give Panda the best day possible with it.

Best day

July: On what would have been our daughters 16th birthday, we gave out this months gift. The gift went to a wonderful boy name Jonny. Even while facing his serious battle. He can still fine time to have fun and produce a smile that lit up his entire hospital room.

Best Day Award

August: This was long overdue. It was an honor to be able to provide this months gift to Dr Kate Gowans. She was there for us from the beginning to the end with our daughters battle with cancer. She went from being our Oncologist to one of our most cherished friends. Hope the tablet and gift cards help out many kids, while you continue the wonderful work you do.

September: We donated 200.00 each to the following childhood cancer charities. Ryan Rocks, Alex's Arcade and Love, Team Tessa. We presented them with the donations at our September 30th Comedy 4 Cancer show.

October: This is a 2 part gift. We donated to help get a fundraiser up and running in honor of Cassidy Christie. There will be a donation made at the event November 4th to be given to her father. They have started a scholarship in honor of this brave young girl who gained her angel wings.

best day

November: We donated $100.00 to Pete Christie for the scholarship fund he started to honor the memory of his daughter Cassidy.

Best Day

December: We expanded our Best Day gift to include Mom in on this one. It was my pleasure seeing Trista and her Mom again. I hope Trista enjoys her shopping trip to Toys R Us from us. Thanks to Shannon Kiefer for nominating Trista for this months gift. In return I wanted to dedicate this gift in memory of her daughter Lexi.

Best Day

2016 Best Day Award Recipients.

January:  In September I had the pleasure of meeting Rockne and his wonderful family when speaking at a rally in Harrisburg PA. With the new year starting I wanted to do something different with our first gift to start the new year. Instead of a gift I wanted to make a donation that not only helps the child, but also his family. If you would like to also assist them you can do so by clicking here


February: This was the second time I had the pleasure of giving Tessa our award and gift. She is an amazing little girl who has a smile that can brighten up an entire room. Presenting the award was my neighbor Little Miss Michigan Peytyn. It touched my heart that somebody so young wanted to be a part of what we do. Thanks to Karin and Bobby for allowing us the honor of giving Tessa our award and gift.


March: Once again we made a donation to a family instead of a gift. Financial stress is one of the hidden battles with childhood cancer. I hope our donation helps ease a little of that stress for Drew and his family. If you would like to also help Drew and his family click here.


April: The gift for April went to a cute little girl named Aurora. We presented the award during our debut show for Comedy 4 Cancer


May: This gift was given to the Webb family who experienced the loss of a loved one just like us.

best day

June: I gave this award to two precious little girls in FT Wayne Indiana in honor of my friend, professional wrestler and childhood cancer survivor Zach Gowen


July: This month I gave our gift to a sweet little hero named Trista. She reminded me of my own daughter so much. That it made the gift that much more special giving it to her the day before Stephaine would have been 15. You can follow Trista and her story on Facebook

best day award

August: I drove 300 miles for a smile and it was worth it. I had the pleasure of meeting a brave young hero named Maddie. I presented her with our best day award and gift for August. But she also gave me a gift, a bracelet I will cherish forever. Not only is Maddie courageous but she takes the time to think of others. Besides giving me a gift she used her gift card to buy something for her brother and sister

best day award

September: This was a gift for all kids past, present and future who have or will battle cancer. We paid to host a free childhood cancer awareness rally on September 10th in Warren Michigan. We plan on making this a yearly event and will not stop until childhood cancer gets more than 4.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Rally. September 10th.

October: I have given gifts to the same child on multiple occasions and this month I did it again. After hearing about the brave girl Maddie I met in August having a bad day. I sent the family a financial gift so they could go out and have a better day. We're also helping this family with our next Comedy 4 Cancer show in December.

best day

November / December: We combined these two months to help give Tracy Pagel and her family a better Christmas. We did our December Comedy 4 Cancer show to help them financially with bills at home. However we didn't want them to go without a decent Christmas so we gave them 200.00 and Kim Norman provided boxes of gifts for the children.

Comedy 4 Cancer

2015 Best Day Award Recipients.

May : In memory of Cindi Hensley.  award

June : Royal Oak Beaumont Child Life Team. The Child Life team goes around the pediatric unit visiting children and trying to make their day a little better. What they do is what this award is all about. I figured we could help them out with their daily mission by providing 100.00 in Best Buy gift cards. Plus we also donated a WII game console and 26 games. Most people don't know this. Instead of selling games and DVD's for next to nothing. You can instead donate them to the hospital.  award

July 8th : Family Movie Night in Memory of Stephaine K Marshall. I decided to host this event and make it a yearly tradition. This would have been our daughters 14th birthday. I wanted to do something that would make other kids happy and honor Stephaine at the same time. We showed one of her favorite movies Despicable Me 2, which of course she loved because of the minions. We provided snacks for the children in the hospital and their loved ones. Stephaine and I have been known to crush a few cakes. So of course we had to have cake or something close to it. So we provided minion themed cupcakes. The last part of this gift was 30 minion themed gift bags. These were given out to patients only. This was our biggest gift to date and it was well worth it ! award

August : This one was presented early. His smile and love for minions touched my heart. So I wanted to send him to see the new movie without waiting until August. award

September : This one was very special on so many levels. Noah is an inspiration to many kids fighting this battle. This was the first time we surprised a child with an in store gift. His Best Day got better when Best Buy decided to get in on the gifts. Brian Medlock gave Noah 2 DVD's and a video game on behalf of Best Buy. We preach teamwork makes the dream work all over this site. Today Best Buy became part of our team and made the day even better for Noah. Noah and his Mother Sara also teamed up to support another child in the hospital prior to us meeting them. I'm proud to have met this outstanding young man and his wonderful Mother.  award

October : This award was given to a beautiful little girl name Tessa. Getting to spend time talking with her Mom Karen, meeting Tessa and the rest of her family was a gift for myself. This months gift also proved that teamwork does make the dream work. It was the mother of another child battling cancer who nominated Tessa for this months gift. Thank you Krystal Hubbard for introducing me to these wonderful people.  award

November : I have had the pleasure of meeting some tremendous people while doing these gifts. One of them is Krystal Hubbard. This is the second time she passed up on receiving this award and gift to nominate another child. Pictured is this months best day award / gift recipient Alyssa, her mother Terri and I. It was my privilege to meet this wonderful young lady and her family.   award

December : It's tough enough dealing with a child battling cancer. The journey is filled with anxiety and a lot of emotional stress. Besides that there is also financial stress. In September we presented Noah with our gift back then, with help from Brian and Best Buy. I picked him for September because I was inspired by his story that he had beaten cancer. Unfortunately Noah is battling cancer for a second time. This time it's more serious, the treatments are more aggressive and the hospital stays are even longer. Once again Brian, Best Buy and I teamed up to give Noah our award for December. We provided Christmas gifts for Noah and his brother Nate. Then topped that off with an evening spent at Dave an Busters. This was our biggest gift to date and the perfect way to end 2015 for our Best Day award. It gave my family, Noah, his brother and his Mom an evening to forget about life for awhile. Noah and his family are always in my thoughts. Doing this for them was also a gift for myself. Just seeing the looks on their faces was priceless. Next year we will be doing more for all of them when we launch our live event fundraisers in April Comedy 4 Cancer . Hopefully you can join us for our debut event on April 16th 2016. Thanks to this wonderful family for allowing us to do this for them. Also thanks to Brian who has become a good friend and thank you Best Buy. All of you prove what we say on here. Teamwork makes the dream work. award