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A Mission Of Love gives out a gift each month The Best Day Award, to honor the memory of our daughter Stephaine K Marshall. The "Best Day Award" was inspired by the last conversation her and I ever had.

The goal of this award is to make a day a little better for a child or family affected by cancer. It takes faith, hope, courage, motivation and inspiration in the fight against cancer.

This journey is an emotional roller coaster that will present many obstacles to overcome along the way. With our daughter I made it a goal to keep each day filled with love and laughter to make the journey a little easier.

I hope this gesture in memory of our daughter can do the same for other young warriors and their loved ones. Listed below our the Best Day award recipients.

Hopefully a day will come when the gift is better treatment options for kids battling cancer.

2020 Best Day Award Recipients

January: We started a new direction with our Best Day gift. This was the first month where we donated 500.00 to Jonny and his family. It's often overlooked how much the family plays a key role in the battle against cancer. We wanted to help this wonderful family in advance of the Comedy 4 Cancer Fundraiser we held on January 25th.

We assisted families financially in February and March with our gifts. After Covid 19 got worse. We decided to shift our focus on offering financial assistance, instead of our regular gifts. Currently we plan on doing this for the rest of the year and hopefully returning to normal in 2021.

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