Financial Support

Live events currently suspended due to the pandemic.

"A Mission Of Love" offers financial support for childhood cancer families. During the course of the year, we run multiple live event fundraisers.

With each fundraiser we select one or two families to receive 100% of the proceeds from the event. We're entering year 5 of our Comedy 4 Cancer tours. These are live stand up comedy shows, held at various types of venues all over Michigan.

Besides the actual shows. We conduct 50/50 raffles and gift basket raffles. These shows can generate up to 5000.00 in proceeds is a single night.

Here is how it works...

Fill out the application for financial support below. A member of "A Mission Of Love" will contact you regarding dates of live event fundraisers we have available.

Here is what we ask for in return.

Have family and friends assist with promoting the show. This can be done by passing out promotional material such as flyers and posters. The easiest way is to share all event pages and links to your social media accounts.

Please ask friends and family to help secure gift baskets to raffle off at the show. This will help increase the amount raised on your behalf. The most popular gift basket at our raffles is the basket of cheer. This is simply a liquor basket which includes multiple bottles of liquor, glasses and craft beers. It just takes a few family members or friends to donate an item or two to put these together. We have ideas for multiple gift baskets. We will work with you to help secure as many items as possible.

We also ask that you be available for media request. These request not only help with attendance at the event. They can also lead to you receiving donations from viewers, readers or listeners directly.

Here is how we help with the event. We provide all flyers and posters for the show. Secure the venue and talent performing that night. The show will be advertised on here, on social media and will have an event page on our website

After the show has ended. We will provide all involved with a financial report on the event. This will detail all the expenses paid to put on the show. It will have a breakdown on money raised from tickets sales, 50/50 raffle and gift basket raffles.

Once the above is completed. All proceeds will be presented to the family or families we held the event for. The person receiving the funds will be asked to sign a receipt for our record keeping. That's it.

We will also be starting our Concerts 4 Hope fundraisers very soon.

If you're interested in being part of our live event fundraisers. Just fill out the form below.