Fly High Tori Swider.

October 16th 2019.

Earlier this afternoon Tori Swider won her Angel wings. It was an honor and a privilege to get to meet Tori, give her a Best Day gift and do a comedy 4 cancer show for her. The relationships that started from her show were amazing.

Her uncle Bill and I have become good friends and it also lead us to the UAW 228 who has helped our charity tremendously. Her mother Laura became a friend and helped us with future events. Even being able to do a Best Day Gift for a girl who is also now an Angel.

I don't talk politics or religion on social media, because my life is already overwhelmed with drama. However in this case I feel in my heart there is something I want to say and I said it when I lost my daughter.

While it's easy to say she is in a better place now I'm not going to argue that. But it's not the perfect place. The perfect place is anywhere she could have lived out all her hopes and dreams. Surrounded by friends and family while doing so.

When I see people complain about such petty stuff it just angers me. If the time and energy would be put forth to raising more awareness for childhood cancer...Just maybe there would be less parents of Angels like us.

Tori Swider, Noah, Torrin, Hailie, every child we ever worked with as well as my daughter deserved better. Tori you will be missed by so many that are left behind. Now left behind with a huge piece of their heart gone.

Love JD Marshall.