Loving Daughter

Dearest Daughter

dearest daughter

My Dearest Daughter,

She was the greatest bundle of joy that I received. When my daughter was born I was excited to be her mom. She filled my life with love, laughter, and many surprises. She loved to pull everything out and make a mess. My daughter was shy, quiet, full of life, and when you got to know her you fell in love with her.
On her first day of school I walked her to it and came to get her everyday. She loved school and making Art projects. She was a very bright child that got excellent grades. She would draw, paint, and build things. She would draw wherever she could including her bedroom walls. She loved to go to her Anime club after school and just draw. She drew some excellent pictures.
If she got sick she still wanted to go to school. When she was diagnosed with cancer she was asking about school. When she found out that the school would send a teacher to teach her at home she was over the moon. On certain days she was sick from everything but she made sure I called her teacher (Mr. Swank) to let him know. She then would ask to find out what day was the make up day. Even being in home school she got on the honor roll.
She was excited to play video games and we played a lot it was a great time. I enjoyed going to special events with her like, concerts, comedy shows, and going to see special guest at Cobo Hall.
Going to appointments for her cancer she was just wanting to get home. Everyone would send her hats and we had hat day pictures of all of them. She especially had one hat that she loved and wore all the time (her minion hat). She would ask the night before how many appointments she had, she took everyone with a smile and laughter. After most of her appointments we would stop at McDonalds for a smoothie.
I miss her laugh, her smile, just hearing her voice, and seeing her. I miss hugging, kissing her, telling her good night and saying good morning. She would text me to let me know she was up, she was hungry, or just because. She always had a golden heart and put others first and not herself. She was my best friend, someone I laughed with, played games with, and miss greatly.
She asked my mom to buy me something special for mothers day and my mom did but Stephaine wasn't able to give it to me. My mom picked out a special necklace just for it.
Everyday I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with my daughter. She is a true inspiration and someone I'll never forget. I love you Stephaine with all my heart and soul. You were a person who I'm extremely grateful to have had you , to have been able to have you call me mom, and for me to call you my daughter.
Love forever and always.