Manilow Music Project

When Steph and I started "A Mission Of Love" we wanted to work with other childhood cancer charities. Which we have been able to do. However the first charity we teamed up with and it will always have a very special place in my heart is the "Manilow Music Project" 

That all started over 4 years ago. There was 2 reasons for doing this. The first one is because of the song that is played on Steph's page. The 2nd reason was because Steph believed no matter what you faced in life...Keep doing what makes you happy. Barry Manilow makes that possible for kids in school if what makes them happy is playing music.

It's a fantastic charity. That is also running a fantastic contest right now. One high school band is going to win $100,000 worth of instruments and uniforms. Here is all you need to do.
1) Create a video telling us:

  • Why you need assistance
  • What you'd use the 100K for
  • What difference this gift would mean to your program

    2) Upload your video to YouTube:

    High school bands across the country will submit videos telling us why our famous Manilow Music Project trucks should be coming to their town!

  • Visit and follow the prompts to submit the link to your video and provide a few details about your school.
    That’s it!

    The famous Manilow Music Project trucks could be heading to your town next.  Help us help others by sharing this with everyone you know.

    For more information and to apply now visit