Meet Neighbors United.

We're teaming up with Neighbors United on September 20th to assist them with fundraising along with our charity A Mission Of Love. Here is more about this fantastic organization.

Neighbors United is a group of caring people that span all different walks of life. We help change family’s lives who are down on their luck 1 family at a time.

We are a community of strangers, families, and friends who have come together to help those who are in need or down on their luck. We have helped families who suffer from a disease or illness, go on their dream vacation, or we have helped buy some type of medical equipment that they don’t have the means to acquire themselves. The organization is operated by three guys who have had someone help them in the past. They have decided they want to pay it forward by helping other people who need help in their own lives. We love to do Random Acts of Kindness as well as hold fundraisers for families who need something special. We go to great lengths to help people who need it and we are proud of the countless number of people who have stepped up to donate for each one of our causes. We consider everyone family and our motto is "We will create our own legacy through our actions by reaching out to those in need and doing right by others!"

We find families on a monthly basis that are looking for a hand up not a hand out. We set forth to put them on the right path through constant giving and volunteering to raise funds to get what they need. Marrs Enterprise will always go to great lengths as long as there is an able body to make it happen.

We continue to grow every month and we team up with other great organizations to make sure we achieve what we set out to do. We will forever do this because we are commanded to. We will always be, "Leaving Legacies and Impacting Lives."

General Information
Neighbors United is a large group of people who are dedicated to helping individuals and family's who are down on their luck and need the extra help. Our goal is to change lives one family at a time.

Founding Date
Founded in 2013 by

Joseph Warne -
and a bunch of caring individuals

For more info and to purchase tickets for our next Comedy 4 Cancer show click here.