A Mission Of Love


What started as a website in December 2014 is now a non profit corporation. The inspiration for starting this site came from a letter Stephaine received from Anthony Melchiorri. When we first started this site we wanted to help get donations for the pediatric unit at Royal Oak Beaumont hospital. The next set of goals was to support others in their fight and raise awareness for childhood cancer. I always hoped for a happy ending where Stephaine and I would work on these goals together. That happy ending was not meant to be. Stephaine passed away on April 11th 2015. Even though her time with us has ended, her mission of love will live on.

Stephaine left us with a blueprint to help other young warriors battling cancer. She taught us while cancer could change her appearance, take away her hair and limit her physically. The one thing she wouldn't let it do is change who she was. Stephaine enjoyed school, watching her favorite shows and playing video games. She faced everyday with love and laughter. None of that changed when she was diagnosed and none of it changed while fighting cancer. Besides sharing with others what Stephaine taught us and what we learned along the way. A Mission Of Love also provides...

  • Emotional support
  • Childhood cancer rallies to raise awareness
  • Gifts to childhood cancer patients
  • Financial assistance
  • Custom shirts and hats to childhood cancer patients.
  • Donations of video games, toys and books to pediatric units we work with.