Stephaine And Gabriel Iglesias

What a guy and what a show

Stephaine and Gabriel Iglesias got to meet each other on Saturday March 7th.
It was one of her wishes to meet her favorite comedian and I'm so proud that it happened.
Gabriel Iglesias and his entire team are to thank for this being possible.
Stephaine was given an evening she and the rest of us will never forget.
The show itself was outstanding from start to finish I would recommend to anybody who likes his work to see him perform live.
You wont be disappointed.

Stephaine and Gabriel Iglesias

Stephaine and Gabriel Iglesias

Stephaine and Gabriel Iglesias posing together for one of many pictures taken on March 7th 2014

Steph and Fluffy selfie

Gabriel and Steph

Gabriel Iglesias and Stephaine take a selfie

Family and Fluffy

fluffy photo

Another pic with Fluffy and all of us

Family with Fluffy

family and fluffy

We gave Gabriel one of our shirts we will be giving away to kids fighting childhood cancer

Gabriel Iglesias selfie

selfie with fluffy

Another selfie with Fluffy and Stephaine