The Family


“Teamwork makes the dream work”

The family. I could not be more proud of our family. Everybody stepped up, supported Stephaine and stayed by our side until the very end.

The Home Team

home team

Pictured are Mom, her brother John and I.
Mom is the quarterback handling the doctor appointments.
While her brother John steps up and helps out his big sister anytime she calls on him.

Nana and Papa

nana and papa

Not many guys can say. My wife has a cool dad. But I can.
This man is also married to one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met.
Combined they make up a hall of fame caliber team of grand parents.

Uncle Jason

aunt and uncle
Uncle Jason, Stephaine and I

Aunt Denise

aunt denise

Denise is more like a big sister to her than an Aunt.
Sure they talk about "girl stuff". But the rest of the time it's a giggle fest.

Aunt Janine

aunt janine

Pictured are Aunt Janine and cousins
Jonathan and Ashley

Uncle Mike

uncle mike

Uncle Mike is pictured here with Stephaine.
Aunt Janine used her ninja skills to make a second appearance on this page.

Family. Where life begins & love never ends.

Most of the pics posted on this page were from a special evening we all shared together.
Not many stories about a great night out begin with...
The food was bad and the service was even worse. But this one does.
As funny as it sounds. The events above is what caused it to be a great night out.
Instead of getting angry and upset.
We made a joke of it. That just kept going on and on.
Some of us laughed until we had tears running down our faces. I think one or two may have even had an accident.
Or that smell could have been from the food.

No matter how bad things get.
It's easier to deal with them when your surrounded by people you love.
Life is filled with obstacles. How you handle them is what defines you.
Our goal since the diagnosis was to make everyday great for our daughter. Keep the days filled with love and laughter.
That evening showed me that Stephaine has a pretty big team helping with that goal

I will be adding more pictures as I receive them from the rest of our family.
Like one from Grandma Debbie who drove hundreds of miles to visit Stephaine in the hospital.
Plus a bunch more of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and her great Grandma Shirley.