The Friends


Brody Sayed


Brody is a friend of our daughter who has also become a friend to our entire family.
He is a true joy having over our house to just hangout or to watch a WWE PPV with.
I applaud his mother Bridgette for raising such a fine young man.
Now this next part I don't know if I heard it or just made it up.
But Brody is a 17 time world Greco-Roman wrestling street fight champion.

Uncle Big Nasty

uncle big nasty

This is my friend Tom. Now you probably seen the title and thought the name was a bad thing.
It's not. The damage to our bathroom that inspired the name however was a bad thing.
It's the title the kids and I gave him after said damage was done.
All kidding aside Tom is big man with a huge heart.
My entire family and other friends all enjoy when he comes around.
His visits to the hospital and our house are always filled with smiles and laughter.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

The friends.
When I was diagnosed with diabetes in October 2011 our daughter stood by my side.
After I lost over 100 pounds and became free of insulin. She remained by my side.
It wasn't because she felt she had to. It was because she wanted to.
Stephaine is not just my daughter. She is one of my best friends.
Now it's my turn to take my place by her side. I don't work alone.
Joining us on this journey is one great group of friends.

Dave Hamm

dave hamm

Dave was one of my best friends growing up. I have to say the man he grew up to be is pretty impressive.
In my opinion there was never any doubt about the man he would become.
He grew up with two parents that I admired and respected from the moment I met them.
If our team has a spiritual leader it would be Dave.
Taking the time out of his life to spend with our daughter in the hospital was priceless.
But honestly I think Dave would do the same for a stranger. It's just the kind of person he is.
He used this time to pray with our daughter and also put plenty of smiles on her face.

Billy, Erika and Family.

neighbors and friends

I could never thank Billy, Erika and their family enough for all the times they've been there for us.
Most people would call the family next door to them neighbors. But this family we call friends.
There has been a lot of tough times in our family over the years and of course right now.
Just talking with them has been a huge help. Not to mention all the other help they've given us.
It's nice to know that right outside your window you have people you can count on.