This Mission We’re On

This mission were on

Back in December Stephaine and I decided to do this site together. The plan was to merge my weight loss and diabetes site with this one.
I have since decided to scrap that plan. That journey was special for me and it changed my life. I met some great people along the way.
But there is one memory from that I hold close to my heart. Our daughter stood by my side every step of the way.
She was in my corner when I decided to lose 100 pounds and become insulin free.
She was also there when I reached my goals and she continued to stay by my side.
Stephaine is my daughter. But she is also my best friend.
I will still help anybody that ask for help with weight loss and diabetes. I just will no longer pursue the opportunities to do it.
My journey taught me that the only way to reach your goals is to be all in. Being all in is what is needed for our daughters fight and this site.
I think this battle needs a strong support team in the corner of the fighter. That's what this website is all about.
We're on a mission to help others while she is also fighting her battle. There are tons of weight loss sites and forums.
But there are very few that focus on childhood cancer and support. When our daughter first went into the hospital.
There was one question we were asked over and over. Is there anything you need ?
We answered we would like to talk with another family that has dealt with what we're facing. The problem was, none were available.
I decided that I would help fill that void. There is only so much we can do locally. So that is where the website comes in.
Having a discussion forum and the site itself will allow us to reach even more people. But it doesn't just end there.
We hope this site inspires others to offer support for patients and their families in their hometown.
We also hope this site inspires others to help out their local children's hospitals.
These hospitals can use volunteers. They accept donations on items that you probably no longer use. Such as...
Video games. books, toys and DVD's.

This is a mission of love we're on. That is why we named the site that. I love spending time with our daughter.
I love being able to help other people. This website allows for both of those things.
As a father I couldn't have asked for a better daughter or a better friend.
I couldn't have picked a better tag team partner to do this site with.
Nobody ever wants to hear a child is sick or has a serious disease. But when it happens you have two choices.
You can fall to your knees and shed some tears or you can rise to your feet and fight back.
Stephaine chose to rise to her feet and fight. Her family and friends have risen and joined her in this battle.
I have a ton of admiration for how Stephaine has handled all this. I admire our family and friends for stepping up and supporting her.
Now her and I are going to use all that we've learned and been through to help others.
Come along and join us on this mission. A mission of love.