This ones for you


“This ones for you wherever you are” Those words and that song have multiple meanings for me.

It was the song I chose to close out the funeral service we held for Stephaine. The words are how I now feel about the site. When I first built this site it was for both of us. The site was built around Stephaine working on a comeback, while working on our goals to help others. Those goals from day one haven’t changed, matter of fact the list of goals has gotten longer. What has changed is there is no comeback. I lost my daughter, my hero and my best friend to cancer on April 11th 2015.

Since that day I have shed tears everyday missing her and wishing she was still here. This site is about honoring the memory of my little buddy and doing everything we can to help others. Not every story has to end like ours did. That’s why I felt I needed to make some changes to the look and layout of the site.

I wanted the alarming childhood cancer statistics to be one of the first thing people see when they visit the site. It’s because of those numbers I felt we needed to put more focus on raising awareness for childhood cancer. When I built this site the first time it was built with love. This time it was a little different. It was built with passion, love and plenty of tears.

The new look is not intended to make anybody upset or emotional. While it was very emotional for me in doing the work. Looking at it now fills my heart with pride and passion to help as many people as we possibly can. What I admired most about Stephaine and her battle with cancer was this. She could have fallen to her knees, but instead she stood up and fought back. She went into this fight armed with love, hope, strength and courage.

As her father I owe it to her to face each day the same way. Sharing her story will help others. It’s one of inspiration, motivation and not letting cancer define who you are. This site is about Stephaine, her battle and the blueprint she left us to help others. So this site needed to be about the sweetest girl I have ever known. I know in my heart that somewhere out there my little girl can see this. I hope you like it. Because this ones for you.