Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds

2 Years Later

 It's a saying as old as time. Time heals all wounds. When it comes to losing a child, that isn't the case. Time doesn't heal all wounds. Today marks 2 years since I lost my best friend, my hero and my daughter Stephaine to cancer at only 13 years old. The pain and heartache is as strong today as it was two years ago. I heard a line a few months ago. We're all going to die. But very few of us will make a difference. It was my daughter who decided to start this website and to help others. Of course I wasn't surprised by that. She always worried more about others, than herself. She spent over 13 years filling our home and our hearts with love. There wasn't a day that passed by without her smiling or laughing. Here I sit two years later and know that she made a difference in all of our lives. She taught us that even in the worse times. She could just shrug off any problem. She never got angry or frustrated about anything or towards anyone.

Looking back over the last two years she continues to make a difference. We have given gifts to 27 children. Raised thousands of dollars for multiple families and offered emotional support to other children battling cancer. While she can no longer be her with us. Her mission of love lives on. I have often said what I do is never about me. It's about her, helping others and making sure her name lives on.

Time doesn't heal all wounds. I miss her even more everyday. She made me a better person and thinking about her inspires me to keep going. Stephaine I love, I miss you and I thank you on behalf of every life you touched for making a difference.

Time Doesn't Heal All wounds